March 19, 2018

Faye Leung's new book "The Hat Lady Sings! The Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung Story"

Faye Leung is a third-generation born Canadian Chinese who was raised in the Chinatowns of Victoria and Vancouver.   As a cultural pioneer, Faye’s life bridged the best of the Chinese and Caucasian worlds and her life’s work enhanced and enriched both worlds for future generations. Faye and Dean her husband never charged any money for their public or private service, as they considered it an honour to freely give of themselves.

Faye’s lifetime achievements have been groundbreaking for women and ethnic minorities yet they have gone largely unnoticed. Faye fought for decades since her youth against discrimination and restrictions for equality for Asians. She helped local Asians and immigrants find their rightful place in business, community and society thus improving their livelihoods. The Chinese bestowed upon her the title of Ambassador-at-Large for the Chinese. Her decades in business bridged and pioneered the economic and social gaps and hosted, assisted, cultivated and fostered an understanding between Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Far East resulting in billions of dollars of investment for all Canadians to reap the benefits.

Faye & Dean were role models and mentors who were respectfully appreciated for their sacrifices that made it possible for Chinese to live a better and good life in Canada where once they were severely restricted and discriminated against. They were the first Chinese businessman and the first Chinese businesswoman who made it all possible especially Faye as back then women were never allowed. Faye never thought of herself as a woman nor felt restricted as a woman in all of her business dealings she just carried on and got the job done. These are two proud Canadian leaders who have helped give Chinese the freedom, privileges and prestige which generations of Chinese-Canadians enjoy today.

Due Date: September 2018
Warfleet Press
400 pp, Hard Cover

March 8, 2018

Workshop with CE Gatchalian: Consultation and Protocol: Writing About Others

We're all encouraged to "write about what we know" - and we're also encouraged, as writers, to stretch and engage our imaginations.

So what happens when the desire hits us to write about a community that we are not personally a part of, or about an experience that we haven't personally gone through? Should we simply abandon the project, or is there a middle ground wherein we can exercise our right to free expression while following protocols of respect and deference?

Current Kogawa House Writer-in-Residence C.E. (Chris) Gatchalian will lead discussions on these questions in two one-hour workshops. The first workshop will be a discussion led by Chris on the above issues; in the second workshop, participants will be free to share and receive feedback on works-in-progress, if they choose.

Workshop 1: Sunday, March 18, 1 pm
Workshop 2: Sunday, March 25, 1 pm

About CE Gatchalian
The author of five books, Filipino-Canadian author C. E. Gatchalian was born, raised and based on the unceded traditional lands of the Coast Salish People (Vancouver). His plays, which include Falling In Time, Broken, Motifs & Repetitions and People Like Vince, have appeared on stages nationally and internationally, as well as on radio and television. The winner of two Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards and a two-time finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, he was the 2013 recipient of the Dayne Ogilvie Prize, awarded annually by The Writers' Trust of Canada to a Canadian LGBT author of merit. He is currently Writer-in-Residence at Kogawa House, where he is working on a non-fiction manuscript.

February 10, 2018

From the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop and Dark Helix Press

Call for Submissions: Immersion: An Asian Anthology of Love, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction

Deadline: Open February 15, 2018 – October 12, 2018

Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop and Dark Helix Press are collaborating! We are searching for submissions for “Immersion: Love, Fantasy, Science” an anthology of speculative fiction stories to be published in the summer of 2019.

The anthology editors are Allan Cho, (AlliterAsian), JF Garrard (Trump: Utopia or Dystopia, The Undead Sorceress) and William Tham (Kings of Petaling Street).

Construct a story about an Asian main character set in an immersive alternate past, present or future. Fill this reality with hints of reality, magic, or fantastical but believable science. If you are interested in writing about a motorized caravan train across the Silk Road, or sages searching for magical apprentices in the South China Sea, now is your chance. We also like good wuxia swordplay and other martial arts as much as we enjoy postcolonial politics and other contemporary topics. Draw on your heritage and transport us to a different world.

We are collecting short stories and flash fiction; please make sure there is a beginning, middle and an end.

Stories may be dark in nature, but no gratuitous violence, sex, or racist content. Novel excerpts not encouraged unless they tell a complete story.

Submission Requirements:
  • Authors must have a geographical Asian heritage
  • Use standard manuscript format, but with emphasized words in italics. We only accept file formats of .doc, .docx, or .rtf only.
  • Works submitted must be completely original. Previously published work is fine as long as you have the rights to the story and acknowledge the original publisher.
  • English translations of original stories are welcome.
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions; however, please notify us as soon as possible if it is
  • accepted elsewhere for publication.
  • Short Stories should not exceed 6000 words
  • Flash Fiction should not exceed 1800 words
Submission Steps:

1) Please fill in this google form, this ensures your name and story is added to our database.

2) Then email your submission to anthology at


Contributors will be paid $40 CAD per short story or $20 CAD per flash fiction and an e-book contributor’s copy. If a print book version is made, authors have a chance to obtain copies at a discounted rate. Rights: First World Rights for an anthology in the English-language. Exclusive rights prior to publication and non-exclusive rights for the anthology. You maintain the rights to your story, but if you send it elsewhere please mention that it was first published by us.

February 4, 2018

Join us for an afternoon of "Epic Struggles" - Asian Canadian Communal Magazines

ZHEN LIU is currently a Lecturer in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature at Shandong University. Her 2016 dissertation at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, supervised by Faye Hammill, was entitled “A Liberating Inheritance: Chinese Canadian and Japanese Canadian Literature, 1970s-2000s.” She will be talking about Ricepaper Magazine and Rikka Magazine.

January 22, 2018

Jan Wong Launches Apron Strings at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden on March 9, 2018

Join Apron Strings author Jan Wong for a special author talk on Friday, March 9, 2:00PM at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, BC.  Jan Wong knows food is better when shared, so when she set out to write a book about home cooking in France, Italy, and China, she asked her 22-year-old son, Sam, to join her. On their journey, Jan and Sam lived and cooked with locals, seeing first-hand how globalization is changing food, families, and cultures. Along the way, mother and son explored their sometimes-fraught relationship, uniting — and occasionally clashing — over their mutual love of cooking.

A memoir about family, an exploration of the globalization of food cultures, and a meditation on the complicated relationships between mothers and sons, Apron Strings is complex, unpredictable, and unexpectedly hilarious.  This event is in partnership with the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop. Please visit the Garden website at for more details on how to attend this event. Books will be available for purchase.

Friday, March 9 at 2:00PM
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
578 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC

Jan Wong is the author of five non-fiction bestsellers, including Out of the Blue and Red China Blues,
named one of Time magazine's top ten non-fiction books of 1996. (Twenty years later, the book is
still in print.) She has won numerous journalism awards and is now a professor of journalism at St.
Thomas University. A third-generation Canadian, Jan is the eldest daughter of a prominent Montreal

Jan Wong is available for comment and interview. For review copies, permission to reprint excerpts, or interviews with the author, please contact Jeff Arbeau at or 1.888.926.8377.  For additional information on the book, author events or the publisher, visit For more information about the author, visit

January 1, 2018

Asianadian Magazine: Asiancy and Visual Culture coming to LiterASIAN 2018

The idea for Asianadian came about in April of 1978. Tony Chan, Cheuk Kwan, and Paul Levine (also known as Lai Bo) were sitting in a restaurant discussing issues which concerned Asian Canadians of that time period
In 2018, LiterASIAN will be collaborating with Centre A on an art exhibit documenting and celebrating the 40th anniversary of Asianadian Magazine as part of LiterASIAN 2018.

The Asianadian: An Asian Canadian Magazine was published quarterly in Toronto between 1978 and 1985 during a period of significant anti-racism activism in Canada marked by ongoing debates on a fledgling multiculturalism, controversial media representations of people of colour and efforts to establish venues to feature an expanding volume of Asian Canadian cultural production. Its founding editors and contributors – minority writers, artists, and scholars, many of whom are today’s leading established Asian Canadian Studies scholars and creatives.

Current space at Centre A at 268 Keefer Street, Vancouver

For more information, please read:  Alice Ming Wai Jim's “Asiancy and Visual Culture: The Asianadian Magazine, 1978–1985.” Journal of Canadian Art History (2016): 154–179.

Stay tuned for more at