Immersion: An Asian Anthology of Love, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction

Publication Date: forthcoming September 2019

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Synopsis Series: Ricepaper Magazine Books Volume 2

Immerse yourself in unexpected worlds.

Your janitors are secretly part of an underground society. Craigslist shamans are available for shape shifters. Hopping corpses terrorize a small town while an aging samurai embarks on his final journey. These are just a slice of the fantasy and science fiction within the pages of this book. Journey to places where your understanding of reality is inverted in the new anthology from the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop and Dark Helix Press.

This is Volume #2 of Ricepaper Magazine Books, a collection of anthologies featuring Asian literary works.

The Seven Muses of Harry Salcedo follows the trials and tribulations of its disgruntled titular character as he manages his three vices: caffeine, overthinking, and dead-end relationships. Ten years after migrating to Vancouver, this former third culture kid has grown sick of the West Coast and seeks solace in his dream to move to Toronto. He vacillates between his on-and-off paramours, overbearing parents, and exhausted confidants. As he slowly approaches forty and his personal window for escaping the coast closes, Harry rushes to write the novel he’s always wanted while there’s still time.

Vincent Ternida’s humorous, poignant, and heartbreaking book contrasts the uncertainties of migration, ambition, and love with the beauty of the Lower Mainland. It is an exciting new take on the classic Asian Canadian narrative.

About The Author

Vincent Ternida is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and author with several published short fiction and creative non fiction pieces. He was a second rounder for Austin Film Festival’s screenplay competition and a finalist for Writer’s Guild of Canada’s Diverse Screenwriters in 2013. The Seven Muses of Harry Salcedo is Ternida’s first novel. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Note – Vincent made the 2019 CBC Short Story Prize longlist for Elevator Lady. His CBC interview is here.

Publication Date: E-book (March 2, 2019), Print available through Amazon’s US, UK sites (April 14, 2019)

E-book ISBN: 978-1-988416-25-0

print ISBN: 978-1-988416-23-6