This anthology is a compilation of Ricepaper Magazine submissions—short stories, poetry, and nonfiction by writers of Asian descent from across the world. The theme which binds each piece is “belief,” a notion personal to each individual sharing a piece of themselves in their works. The honorable Joy Kogawa shares her lifelong lessons scribbled in her diary, Carmen Chan shares the trauma experienced by the women in her family in the new world, Felix Wong shares a strange serendipitous experience of witnessing a wedding of strangers, and Nancy Jin offers her initial thoughts when she heard Beijing’s news about COVID-19 while she was preparing for the Spring Festival. The late Jim Wong-Chu reflects on what the first railway workers would have thought about the ritual of Christmas. Each author shares a conviction of truth shaping the reality of life in the Asian diaspora.

Ricepaper Magazine Books, Volume 2: Immersion, A Speculative Fiction Anthology (2019) 

Immerse yourself in unexpected worlds.  Your janitors are secretly part of an underground society. Craigslist shamans are available for shapeshifters. Hopping corpses terrorize a small town while an aging samurai embarks on his final quest. These are just a glimpse of the fantastic scenes within the pages of this book. Journey to places where your understanding of reality is inverted in this new speculative fiction anthology featuring fifteen stories by Asian writers from the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop and Dark Helix Press.

Ricepaper Magazine Books, Volume 1: Currents, A Ricepaper Anthology

Currents is a selection of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction reflecting the magazine’s collective experience as members of the Asian diaspora and settlers of Canada.Returning to their roots as a print publication, this eclectic anthology of works by Asian / Canadian writers celebrates Ricepaper Magazine‘s first year as a digital magazine.Over twenty years ago, the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop started publishing Ricepaper, the only Canadian literary magazine for both emerging and established Asian writers and artists. What began as a simple newsletter went on to showcase the works of prolific creative individuals such as Joy Kogawa, Wayson Choy, David Suzuki, Rita Wong, and Madeleine Thien. This ACWW & Dark Helix Press publication is the second edition of this book.

The book follows the trials and tribulations of its disgruntled titular character as he manages his three vices: caffeine, overthinking, and dead-end relationships. Ten years after migrating to Vancouver, this former third culture kid has grown sick of the West Coast and seeks solace in his dream to move to Toronto. He vacillates between his on-and-off paramours, overbearing parents, and exhausted confidants. As he slowly approaches forty and his personal window for escaping the coast closes, Harry rushes to write the novel he’s always wanted while there’s still time.

Vincent Ternida’s humorous, poignant, and heartbreaking book contrasts the uncertainties of migration, ambition, and love with the beauty of the Lower Mainland. It is an exciting new take on the classic Asian Canadian narrative.