November 28, 2009

Asian Canadianism

This is the new Asian Canadian Writer's Workshop (ACWW). What is "Asian Canadian?" Canadians of Asian ancestry comprise the largest visible minority in Canada, at 11% of the Canadian population, and is the fastest growing. Most "Asian Canadians" are concentrated in the urban areas of southern Ontario, the Greater Vancouver area, Montreal, and other large Canadian cities. In Canada, the term 'Asian' is pan-continental, in contrast to the United States which uses a Sino-centric definition of "Asian".

Then what is "Asian Canadian writing?"   New digital media has interrupted the existing way of creative writing.  It no longer is limited to writing on printed media.  Creative forms of expression extend to blogging, multimedia 'digital storytelling' and mobile forms of communication.  gunarolla is an exemplary model of an Asian-Canadian artist, a Toronto-based music & video producer who makes attempts at comedy, music, and opinion pieces.   This type of 'writing' constitutes the formation of a type of storytelling that translates to multiple digital formats.  This is the new Asian Canadian writing.