December 10, 2010

Ricepaper 15th Anniversary Celebration

Ricepaper, ACWW along with Friend's of Foo's Ho Ho, co-hosted the 15th anniversary celebration dinner at Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant at 102 East Pender Street in Vancouver. ACWW Board of directors emcee'd the event as Gung Haggis organizer and ACWW board member, Todd Wong, and actor, radio broadcaster, and comedian, Tetsuro Shigematsu maneuvered the evening beautifully as audiences were treated to an 8 course meal, special celebrity guests and a raffle draw.

In celebration of Ricepaper‘s milestone 15th anniversary at Foo’s Ho Ho Restaurant, the oldest surviving Chinese restaurant in historic Chinatown, audiences enjoyed a taste of pioneer-style Chinese food while serenaded with a poetry reading by renowned poet Evelyn Lau, who was also honoured with the ACWW Community Builder's Award.

Ricepaper is Canada’s only nationally-distributed literary magazine devoted to showcasing Asian Canadian artists, writers, performers and innovators. For 15 years, Ricepaper has published important work for and about Asian Canadian community luminaries such as David Suzuki, Fred Wah, Denise Chong, and Evelyn Lau while also providing opportunities for new and emerging talent to publish their work. This video, Ricepaper 15th Anniversary celebration on W2TV is courtesy of Sid Tan on Vimeo.