January 1, 2018

Asianadian Magazine: Asiancy and Visual Culture coming to LiterASIAN 2018

The staff of The Asianadian, circa December 1978. Front row (l. to. r.): Momoye Sugiman, Doug Yip, Barbara Yip, Paul Levine (Lau Bo), and Bobby Siu; back row (l.to r.): Lynne Kutsukake, Anthony Chan, Adjana Murthy, Carson Young, Diane Yip, Cheuk Kwan, and Yan Wong. Photo provided by Momoye Sugiman. With permission of The Asianadian.

In 2018, LiterASIAN will be collaborating with Centre A on an art exhibit documenting and celebrating the 40th anniversary of Asianadian Magazine as part of LiterASIAN 2018.

The Asianadian: An Asian Canadian Magazine was published quarterly in Toronto between 1978 and 1985 during a period of significant anti-racism activism in Canada marked by ongoing debates on a fledgling multiculturalism, controversial media representations of people of colour and efforts to establish venues to feature an expanding volume of Asian Canadian cultural production. Its founding editors and contributors – minority writers, artists and scholars, many of whom are today’s leading established Asian Canadian Studies scholars and creatives.

From Alice Ming Wai Jim's “Asiancy and Visual Culture: The Asianadian Magazine, 1978–1985.” Journal of Canadian Art History (2016): 154–179.

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