May 19, 2021

Virtual book launch for “Reimagining ChinaTOwn: Speculative Fiction Stories from Toronto’s Chinatown(s) in 2050" on June 19, 2021

What will become of Toronto’s Chinatown(s)? Reimagining ChinaTOwn is a collection of eleven speculative fiction stories set in 2050 that boldly reimagines the future of Chinatown as a shared and collective vision.  Based on a workshop during Myseum Intersections 2020 and written during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, each story explores a personal relationship to Chinatown in the context of the rising anti-Asian sentiment and growing uncertainty for Chinatown’s future.

As the community authors speculate on the future in 2050, their stories offer a visionary act of resistance by uncovering new possible futures and bringing to light untold pasts. Chinatown itself is an illumination of the histories of diasporas for those who know how to see. It is both a place and a condition; between generations, between patterns of immigration, between identities, between others, between countries. By envisioning Chinatown anew, the stories create a radically more generous and expansive present moment by building a collective and shared vision for the future of Toronto’s Chinatowns.

Join us for the virtual book launch of Reimagining ChinaTOwn: Speculative Fiction Stories from Toronto’s Chinatown(s) in 2050.