March 10, 2022

"All or Nothing: From the Page to the Stage" on May 28th, 2022


Theatre is one of the most impactful forms of art. The direct exchange between artist and
audience requires risk for the chance that if we do right, we will all connect through a story
told by a skillful storyteller. Sometimes these stories and their storytellers dare to perform
new diasporic representations. Even if those stories come into contention with their diasporic
identities. How do playwrights balance that complexity of identity? What does it mean to go
“all or nothing” with your craft? Join us for this virtual event as we hear from three young
talented Asian Canadian playwrights: Carolyn Nakagawa, Davey Calderon, and Derek Chan –
who are working in the cross-intersections of genres, identities, and communities –
about their own creative process of going from page to stage.