April 3, 2023

Discounted Hotpot Centre by Anthony Kit Chun Lee

Discounted Hotpot Centre is an immersive culinary experience brought to life by a down-on-her-luck saleswoman struggling to sell her hotpot cooking package. Featuring live cooking and tantalizing aromas circulating the room, this pertinent production will regale you with uncensored stories of Hong Kongers in Canada.

Made by Hong Kongers, this one-person comedy cooking show investigates the meaning of being a Hong Kong immigrant in this era. Through the voice of the sales lady struggling to sell her HK hotpot package—with none of the products actually made in Hong Kong—Discounted Hotpot Centre offers a space for this collective experience of being in exile and adapting to a new society.

You can visit the website for more information on Discounted Hotpot Centre.