August 10, 2023

Joy Kogawa | A Lookback at Japanese Internment & a Storied Writing Career

Acclaimed author Joy Kogawa discusses her lifelong career as a writer, her experience as a child growing up in the internment camps in Canada, and her thoughts about how we can prevent a humane catastrophe like this from happening again. Joy Kogawa is the author of novels, children's books, a memoir, and books of poetry. She is best known for her 1981 classic novel "Obasan", based on Joy and her family’s forced relocation from Vancouver during the Second World War when she was six years old. She was made a member of the Order of Canada, the Order of B.C., the Order of the Rising Sun and has received seven honorary doctorates in literature, law and divinity from several Canadian universities. She won the 2019 Plaine Commune Award of the 360 Film Festival and the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards, Best Video Game Narrative for "East of the Rockies."   She is also the recipient of several Lifetime Achievement Awards.   Moderated by Michelle Pham.