January 16, 2015

Submit Your Writing to Banana Writers!

Use your individuality to produce writing that will resonate into the hearts and minds of readers. We want your writing to be fresh, exciting, thoughtful and valuable.
What type of writers are Banana Writers looking for?

Banana Writers is a platform for new East Asian / South East Asian (EA / SEA) writers to share their work. This includes people who are Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai and anyone with a background from an EA / SEA background. It does not matter to us whether you were born in Asia or the West or have never published anything before. What matters to us is entertaining writing that comes from the heart.

If you are not from an EA / SEA background and are interested in contributing, we are happy to review your work as long as it is relevant to EAs / SEAs.

Becoming a Banana Writer

Banana Writers is passionate about supporting EA / SEA writers from all mediums. We publish articles, short stories, novels, poems, songs, interviews, scripts and book reviews. We know how nerve-wrecking it can be to 'Put yourself out there,' so everything we receive is carefully read and considered. We will contact you if we would like to publish your work on the website. We receive submissions from all over the world so thank you very much for your patience. We aim to reply to everyone within 4 weeks. Books and scripts should receive a reply within 8 weeks. Through our website you are given the chance to share your writing with the world.

Send your pieces to: info@bananawriters.com

Apart from songs, scripts and full novels all work must be in a Word document.  It only edits articles.