April 25, 2017

Asian Canadian Community Media Films Showcase

Presenting 8 short films created for UBC Asian Canadian & Asian Migration studies' first course, ACAM 350: Asian Canadian Community Media. The films, which seek to engage communities in making ethical collaborations, cover a wide range of topics. Each film is between 8-11 minutes long. Invite your friends and family!

ACAM 350 Student Film Screening
Time: April 28th - 6:00pm
Location: UBC - Buchanan A101

The films:
Kung Who? Portrayals of East Asian Men in Western Media (8:20)
Created by: Mikayla Tinsley, Lara Blacklock, and Phebe Ferrer

FLAGGED (9:57)
Mimi Nguyen - Director & Composer
Cherie Au - Production Manager & Editor
Kaitlyn Fung - Sound Operator & Production Assistant
Kathy Thai - Cinematographer & Post-Production Editor

Tasting Our Way To Home (9:03)
Created by: Albert Cherng, Greta Shuting Lin, and Therise Wen Li Lee

Dr. Chung and his Dream Boat (11:17)
Created by: Emi Tasaka, Wenjie Shen, and Titus Tan

String Theory (8:11)
Created by: Amy Baumann

Sedai: Across Generations (9:21)
Created by: Lucy Komori and Connie Kadota

Assimilated (9:07)
Created by Sukhwinder Gill

Locating Our Intersections (9:38)
Created By Angela Ho, Tyler Mark, and Amanda Wan