September 25, 2021

"After the End, Came the Beginning" at Word Vancouver Festival


 The Canadian literary scene, once said to be void of diverse voices, has steadily seen a flourishing community of BIPOC writers in recent years. Asian Canadians, once marginalized and voiceless, have birthed a generation of writers who have influenced the literary establishment with celebrated works and garnered literary acclaim. Join this panel of authors who witnessed this amazing transformation and who are at different stages of their careers as writers, but whose stories internalize the interracial, intergenerational and international stories of the Asian Canadian experience. This event will also announce the winner of the Jim Wong-Chu Emerging Writers Award for 2021 and celebrates the occasion with “Jim’s Special Menu” of favourite classic Chinese Canadian cuisine. 

Host: Todd Wong 
Readers: Madeleine Thien (Do Not Say We Have Nothing, Penguin Random House), Jamie Liew (Dandelion, Arsenal Pulp Press), Ann Shin (The Last Exiles, HarperCollins)